The major part of the game is based on the level design, we managed to get smooth 3C and after that we had to make the best levels to emphasize the player controls in the space.
We manage to implement a lot of LD brick that we designed, but we ran out of time and we only made 3 levels.
The differents LD brick in the game.
The main LD brick is the ennemies, they are the focus point of the player in the level.

Ennemies helps the player to finish the level the pastest possible. 

Red : Press the left trigger
Blue : Press the right trigger
Purple : Prest RT + LT
There is the basic wall to make the player jump or roll, this brick are the main tructure of the level design.
Moving Platform : Smash RT/LT to move the platform !
Charge both bars to the maximum, really helps the balancing the level design.
The Simon : You wait, you memorize, you replicate.
This brick marks the end of the level, low intensity but pretty hard challenge.
Arena : kill all the enemies to unlock the door.
Arenas are really interesting and important because they break the level design, the player is in a big room and he have to chose the best way to kill all the enemies the fastest way.
The zipline : Very fun brick which full charge one bar and reduce the other, it leads the player to aim for the opposite color after the zipline.

"Hold RT/LT to magnet Zedd to the zipline"
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