What make this game special ?
The USP of this game revolves around the ghost's dual states: active movement or complete stillness. We leveraged these two states to create the weapon designs.

If you want a close-up on the weapons there is a weapon design page.
Why Soulbound is a roguelike ?
Upon each demise or successful run, you'll amass 2 types of soft currency that can be used to enhance your weapons and perks. The objective revolves around elevating all your weapons to the highest level attainable.
The distinctiveness of each run arises from the diverse room configurations, and enemy strength wich is scaled according to the floor's level.

If you want a close-up to the level design the is a level design page.
Recognizing the need for a backlog, we opted to utilize Excel initially. However, we observed that not everyone consistently checked it. Subsequently, we adopted a system wherein Excel was reserved for the producer's use, while task assignments were managed through Discord
Leveraging Discord simplified the task allocation process and ensured uniform progress across the team.
To conclude,we had a big issue in this projet 
As a co-producer of this project, I have learned a lot. Particularly from a human perspective and team management aspect. We faced many problems during production which resulted in a lot of time wasted. These issues were mostly human in nature within the group, including poor time management to complete tasks and lack of communication
The second co-producer and I did our best to expedite the game's development. While this resolved some issues, the biggest problem persisted until the end of the project.

In general, I believe there exists a robust foundation for a promising rogue-like game. Of course there is 
I believe I have done my best to steer this project in the right direction, and I have learned a lot over those two months.

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