Weapons Design
The entire game revolves around player movement, with each weapon having two distinct states: one while moving and another when the player is standing still.
In this game, weapons take center stage, shaping the player's entire gameplay experience. 
Each weapon choice significantly influences the player's approach to the game, and our aim is to ensure that these weapons have a profound and meaningful impact.

The main goal was to make a mini-game for each weapon to be sure that every weapon is different and fun to play ​​​​​​.
We created a basic Excel spreadsheet to categorize all the designed weapons, it proved to be extremely useful in organizing our ideas.
Katana: Charge a dash when stationary, and perform a dash in the player's movement direction. While moving, the katana strikes in an area around the player. 
The dash inflicts substantial damage and penetrates through enemies.
C4 : Throw C4 behinf the player, when he is standing still, detonate all the C4.
The player dont attack directly the ennemies but its really fun and outstanding.
Shotgun : Charge a range and the degats of the bullet when the player is standing still, shot at the same range and the same damage until you stop moving. 
This one challenge the player to move constantly.
Handgun : When the player is moving, he charges a big shot, when he stand still he shot the charged one and shot small projectile. 
This is the gun unlock by default in the game.
I think we did a geat job on these four weapons, we designed a lot more but we could only impletent these ones.
The tweaking part was really fun to do and we manage to get 4 unique weapons. 
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