My main intention
I aim to create a level that plays with precision and observation skills through challenging gameplay. I wanted to create a clear objectif wich leads the player to be curious. This level is set in a desert and a tower, with the objective of educating the player about the existence of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. I want to have simple 3Cs so the player is challenged on the level design.

This is the walkthrought of the level.

A young adventurer, lost in the Arabian desert and running out of supplies, must seek shelter to survive a sandstorm. However, it's after the storm that he will stumble upon a mysterious tower right in the middle of the desert. The only solution to survive may be in the tower, but watch out this tower can hide something.
Gameplay reference
This level will take place in a 3D Adventure, Third Person Camera game The Character can : Move, Jump & Climb

Visual/Ambiance References

Guidance System

The Layout
The screen by screen Walkthrough

Red line show the creepage

The vista of the level. The aim is to show the goal of the player.
Show the right entrance Show the door before the key.

The root helps to show the secret entrance

First challenge, if the player feels he can easily climb near to this position

First Crouch, and easy jump challenge

Easy view to emphasize the big rock wich draw player intention, this rock is teasing the secret he can found after

Roots giving the path to the player
The ladder on the right is broken

Last room with a lot of space wich The broken stairs help the player to understand how to reach the top Windows help the player with short objective.
The WOW moment
When the player reaches the top, he sees a big building which is hanging gardens of Babylon
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