I've made a trailer. A trailer really helps to understand the basics of the game.
This video was shown at open days at Isart Digital.
We design and implement a lot of features, and LD brick.

Arena : kill all the enemies to unlock the door.
Arenas are really interesting and important because they break the level design, the player is in a big room and he have to chose the best way to kill all the enemies the fastest way.

Moving Platform : Smash RT/LT to move the platform !
Charge both bars to the maximum, really helps the balancing the level design.
The Simon : You wait, you memorize, you replicate.
This brick marks the end of the level, low intensity but pretty hard challenge.
Color Achievement : If you finish the levels fast enough, you will unlock colors for your fist ! 
Even enemies and LD brick changes color.

The in-game UI is very simple, and I thought making it 100% diegetic would lead to better understanding and immersion. It also allows for more impactful signs and feedback.
To conclude
Electro Punch is a good base that deserves to be explored further. Design issues cost us a lot of time, but despite that, we managed to release a playable and fun game prototype. I learned a lot from a game design point of view and more precisely 3C thanks to this game, and I think that it is by trying and taking risks that we progress the most and that we will be able to innovate.
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