Gameplay Présentation

A member of the team made a video to show the gameplay of the game. This video is really helpful to understand the game in less than 2 minutes
I used a difficulty/intensity curve to design my level. 
I aimed to alternate between levels of intensity and difficulty, ensuring that the player remains engaged and can make enjoyable progress.

Level 6

The player remains engaged and can make enjoyable progress.
Each game designer had to make one level, mine is the final level, the level 6. This one has to be the most difficult one. It was really difficult to get a linear progression through the entire game.​​​​​​​
The menuing was designed in the form of a card, and we asked the Sound Designer to create sounds that evoke paper. We wanted a menu that is pleasant to navigate and that differs from what is usually seen, just like the in-game UI.

To conclude
A Beat 'Em All requires a lot of tweaking and a solid foundation. I believe the foundation was there, but we underestimated the time needed for tweaking. Additionally, we aimed a bit too high – for example, the Katana is a good idea, but it wasn't fully utilized in certain level designs because it was implemented too late. However, in the end, I think we managed well. I find the game enjoyable to play and watch.
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