Level Design
In order to make the room and bag system more meaningful, we aimed to adjust the enemies' HP and damage values dynamically.ย 
To simulate and establish a reference for the player's weapon damage, we utilized Excel to determine the range of potential maximum and minimum HP or damage values.
We were able to fine-tune and introduce new enemies thanks to the gameplay programmer, who developed numerous tools to assist us in our design process.
The Knightย 

For the melee enemies, our goal was to encourage the player to move in a specific manner while still allowing them enough time to react. We've introduced various knight variants, including fast, medium-paced, and slow-moving ones.

The Mage
Similar to the knights, our aim was to motivate the player to relocate. In this case, our objective was to guide the player towards the mage, subsequently designating the mage as the primary target.
The Bull
This enemy possesses unique characteristics. It comes to a halt when it detects the player, pauses momentarily, and then charges at the player within a limited range.
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