Top 78 over more than 6000 games !!
Ho does the game fit the theme ?
"Role reversed"
In order to align with the theme of the game, we opted for a scenario where players embody a robot whose mission is to prevent cooking. Unlike typical kitchen robots that assist us and make life easier, here, the goal is to achieve the exact opposite. The objective is to move various ingredients outside of the cutting board to earn points, but they must avoid being cut by the chef's knife, as that would cost us a life. After losing 5 lives or if we get cut, the game ends.
I made a trailer to incite people to play and vote for us.

If you dont know, to get a better rank you need to share your page and people who participe to the jam can vote on a scale from 1 to 5.

To conclude
After several game jams, participating in such a large event with a final ranking is truly exciting. Moreover, managing to scope a 24-hour project is not a simple task, and we successfully divided the tasks well throughout the development process.
It also requires working efficiently as quickly as possible, which fosters a certain discipline, especially when coding.
I really want to participate in more game jams because we manage to create a game quickly with a satisfying result.
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