Since this is a one-button game, you'll need to press the spacebar to initiate a right turn. If you don't press anything, the car will automatically veer to the left.
Level Design brick
Yellow Cylinder: When the player drives close to the cylinder, the timer will be reduced by 3s. 
Spinzone: the player needs to press twice the spacebar rapidly within the spinzone. This action triggers the animation and the timer will be reduced by 3s.
Turns: In racing games, it's important for turns to vary in design to prevent players from repeating the same movements. This diversity adds complexity and excitement to the gameplay.

I made a trailer !

Walkthrought of the game solo and with the 1v1.

1v1 mode to play with a friend and extend the life of the game.
The coins won are still counted. 

This mode posed a significant challenge. As previously mentioned, the objective was to engage in precision racing. With each successful completion of the small challenges, your recorded time would decrease. Victory was achieved by attaining a timer lower than that of your opponent.
Throughout the map, you'll encounter shortcut triggers that hold no significance when racing solo. However, in a 1v1 scenario, these triggers introduce an element of tension. They serve as a clever level design mechanic to enhance the 1v1 experience.
I opted for a fully diegetic menu, where you must follow the line of your choice and enter the garage to select an action.
The aim here was to incorporate the tutorial within the main menu itself, eliminating the need for a separate tutorial level.
I've implemented a shop where players can purchase new cars. These purchases are purely cosmetic, but they contribute to providing players with a sense of purpose and achievement.
Even the menu navigation has been designed to function with just one button. This presented a fascinating UX challenge that was quite rewarding to address.

To conclude 
This is my first game and it allowed me to learn a lot of things; the fact that I was all alone on it allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. I believe that overall, the game is quite successful, even though I am not satisfied with certain aspects that I couldn't address due to deadlines. The coding part was, in my opinion, the most challenging, as I spent a tremendous amount of time and made many mistakes, but it also enabled me to learn a great deal.
MiniDrift is a small PC game that is enjoyable if you appreciate challenges with a friend or even on your own.
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